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We are dedicated to providing members of the furry fandom with support in their weight loss goals!

Fit n' Furry is a weight loss community dedicated to helping members of the furry fandom lose, gain, or maintain their weight. We are here to support, motivate, and encourage our members to pursue healthier lifestyles. Whether you have 5 lbs or 100 lbs to lose, are needing to just get in shape, or you need tips and support for eating a healthier diet, you are welcome here! If you have already lost the weight and are currently maintaining, you are also welcome to share your success and inspire other members. We will always need cheerleaders and teachers.

This community isn't just about you posting once a week to tell us about your progress. We want to know your goals, your inspirations, your plans, your successes, your failures, AND your progress! Our goal is not only to help you get healthy, but to also make friends and feel less alone on your weight loss journey. The furry fandom is already a great place to find people with similar interests and hobbies, so let's add one more thing we all have in common to our list; living a healthy life!

What can you expect to find here?
Weekly Weigh-ins
Weight Loss Challenges
Rewards (for meeting your goals!)
Medical, Fitness, and Food Articles
Exercise and Healthy Living Advice and Tips
And More!

There aren't many that aren't common sense, but they are important and must be followed by all members. Anyone found violating these rules will receive one warning. Additional violations will result in the individual's removal from the community.

- Respect. Intolerance is not allowed here. Regardless of whether or not you agree with another member's opinion, weight loss strategy or methods, advice, etc., you are expected to be respectful when sharing your own opinion. That does not mean you must accept what they are saying/doing, it simply means that any potentially insulting or hurtful commentary towards another member will be met with a warning. We're all here to accomplish the same goal; to be healthy and happy. In order to achieve that together, we must accept each other and learn to work together.

- Privacy. What is posted in this community stays in this community. Anyone found reposting another member's information elsewhere will be banned immediately. We want our members to feel safe about sharing their individual stats and personal information. We realize that it shows a great deal of trust to open up about many of the issues that will be discussed here, so any threat to that trust will not be tolerated. Note to current members: We need you all to help us keep portions of this community private! If you don't want non-members seeing any personal entries you make, please be sure you set the entry to "members" before posting live.

- Cooperation. This isn't so much a rule, it's more of a goal and combination of Respect and Privacy. Some of the things we admit in this community will not be easy. For many of us, sharing such personal information about issues we may only now be addressing will be very difficult and potentially painful. This community wasn't created so people can work through their issues and struggles by themselves; it is here to promote team work and support, as well as encourage friendship. A lot of us may have felt (or continue to feel) isolated due to our issues. So we would like our members to reach out and talk with others and share their stories and struggles. Relate to each other, learn from each other, and realize you're not alone in what you're facing. We all need to cooperate and work together if we're going to conquer these issues and achieve our goals!

If you feel a fellow member has violated any of these rules, please contact either quaylak or jakejynx immediately.

DISCLAIMER: We are NOT a group of medical professionals! If you feel you are in trouble or need medical assistance or care, please contact your doctor. We are only average people offering our personal experiences and advice. It is recommended that everyone should see their doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. Please be safe!